Steel trading companies, like Gunung Prisma, are integral in the steel industry. These companies have partnerships with steel mills within the region, buying and storing steel and then distributing it to wholesalers and retailers.

Gunung Prisma also uses these partnerships to offer low-carbon footprint steel solutions by trading green steel. Steel trading companies maintain global strategic alliances, acting as intermediaries, ensuring a steady supply and a wide range of steel products are available to customers.

The role of steel trading companies

Steel is integral for a society and its economy to thrive – making steel trading companies vital to the economy. It’s a strong, high-quality, low-cost material used in a variety of industries, including in the construction of buildings, making of transport, electrical appliances, tools and weapons.

Steel trading companies bridge the gap between suppliers and consumers. These companies offer access to large quantities of steel, efficient and reliable transportation of products through its expertise in supply chain management. They have partnerships with steel mills within the region, buying and storing steel and then distributing it to end-users like stockists, steel processing centres, fabricators and construction companies.

Offering holistic steel solutions through partnerships

A steel trading company creates, organises and maintains a network of partners so as to offer competitive pricing of steel to customers and on-time deliveries. It works with trading partners such as steel mills, logistics companies and distribution facilities in order to deliver steel to companies. Some key partners in the supply chain network that steel trading companies work with include:

  • Steel mills: Working with reliable industrial factories that produce steel, buying quantities of steel from them and assisting in moving large quantities of steel
  • Logistics partners: Safe handling, loading, transportation shipping partners, interim warehousing
  • Distribution facilities: Collecting stock, packaging, inventory management, order processing

Gunung Prisma offers a range of products: flat steel products (sheets, plates, coils) and long steel products (re bars, bars, wire rods, structurals and rails). It collaborates with over 25 suppliers from Asian countries, including Singapore, Japan, and China to offer a suite of products. With a skilled, experienced and strategic management team led by Liwa Supriyanti, Gunung Prisma successfully imports steel, marketing and distributing it to companies in the engineering, construction, automotive industries to name a few. 

Partnering with environmentally-responsible mills to offer green steel

Green Steel is steel made with the lowest carbon footprint possible. It is made using hydrogen instead of coal and if industries make this switch, they are making significant strides towards reducing their emissions.

The global United Nations summit, COP26, held in 2021, aims to make near-zero emission steel the preferred choice in global markets. In a bid to accelerate the development of clean technologies, it is pushing forth with its “Breakthrough Agenda” to establish clean steel production and make it the dominant way of producing steel by 2030.

Beyond just facilitating steel distribution, Gunung Prisma steers environmental change through its partnerships. It partners with established steel mills around the world to offer sustainable green steel options and is a leading international steel stockist. In retailing green steel, Gunung Prisma ensures its clients who buy steel, such as car manufacturers, power generation developers, and construction companies to adopt a low carbon footprint – making it a key player in the fight against climate change.

Gunung Prisma’s integral role in Indonesia’s economy and community

Gunung Prisma is a leading global company that provides holistic steel solutions and delivers superior value to customers and shareholders and strengthens the communities for the future. With Liwa Supriyanti in the driver’s seat spearheading sustainable economic growth, environmental and social development, Gunung Prisma continues to be a big player in the internationa