About Buk Liwa Supriyanti

Strengthening Communities of the Future

Gunung Prisma is one of the largest trading companies in Indonesia. Under the guidance of Liwa Supriyanti, it established itself as a leader in the steel trade industry. Liwa was appointed Director in Gunung Prisma in 2017, having had over 19 years of experience in the Chemical & Steel Trading industry. She plays a pivotal role as a strategic leader, working closely with key regional figureheads and global thought leaders to achieve the mission and vision of Gunung Prisma.

Having graduated with a Degree in Economics from the Universitas Parahyangan Bandung and starting her first job in 2006 as a junior accountant at Alumex Dagang Indonesia, Liwa was able to gain a thorough understanding of the world of business early. Armed with deep knowledge and a strong foundation, she has since evolved into a highly-sought-after trading specialist. Her strategic capabilities, precision and eye for detail, allows her to recognise opportunities in Indonesia and beyond based on trends and market fluctuations.

Gunung Prisma taps on Liwa’s skill, expertise and her ability to plan and execute top-notch sales strategies. The company is, therefore, not only poised to create trustworthy partnerships but to take on an innovative approach in scaling the business. Building relationships based on trust and respect, Gunung Prisma, alongside Liwa Supriyanti, ensures the timely provision of holistic steel solutions. Today, Gunung Prisma collaborates with over 25 suppliers from Asian countries, including Singapore, Japan, and China – delivering superior value to clients and customers internationally.

Proving abilities in clarity by acting swiftly and decisively, Buk Liwa Supriyanti is also an ardent supporter of sustainability, social responsibility, and community engagement. Driven to deliver sustainable economic growth, environmental development and social development, Liwa Supriyanti has advocated for improving the lives of the people within the community. One initiative that she has championed is, “Green Steel”. Encouraging clients to be proponents of the green commitment, Buk Liwa Supriyanti is a mover and shaker in her field.

Going Beyond to Make Changes that Inspire

Liwa Supriyanti strikes a fine balance between work and family. Even as she channels energy into her business, she devotes time to her family – which is a practise that centres and grounds her. 

Supriyanti believes that in order to achieve the best outcome and for the business to withstand the test of time, flexibility and the freedom to choose is important. One instance of this was demonstrated when Supriyanti was leading the construction of a big cement factory. From seeking government approval, to the eventual establishment of the company, these challenges were taken in stride. 

In recent years, Supriyanti started making corporate social responsibility her main priority. Given the current climate, trials and tribulations brought about by the pandemic, she is constantly finding ways to give back to the community. She donates generously and organises large-scale charity projects that taps on Gunung Prisma’s resources.