New Year, New Growth. What Is It for Steel Industry?

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Welcoming the new year of 2023, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts global growth will slow to 2.7% next year. This condition might be affected by several ongoing issues such as trade tension between US-China, geopolitical conflicts between Russia-Ukraine, and the possibility of Covid-19 resurgence or other new global health concerns.

The Important of Women’s Participation in The Industry

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Women play a crucial role to help shape the region’s economy and give a social-economic impact. A study said that women leaders are more inclusive and empathetic, but the data shows that the role of senior managers in most companies is still dominated by men.


Decarbonization in Steelmaking with Hydrogen-based Methods ​

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Steel decarbonization can be done by replacing fossil fuels in production and recycling the materials. Green hydrogen appears as the future of production methods in steelmaking industries that will help reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 95 percent.

Women’s Role in ESG Practice

Women’s Role in ESG Practice

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Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) have now become corporate accountability models. As leaders now commonly prioritize sustainability factors for their business decision-making process.

ESG: Sustainability Trends of 2022

Sustainability, specifically environmental sustainability, is the topmost priority for both consumers and businesses around the world. Governments are setting stricter compliance standards, consumers are making more informed purchasing decisions and the economy is shifting towards sustainability and decarbonisation. Climate change is on the top list… Read More »ESG: Sustainability Trends of 2022

decarbonising the steel industry indonesia

Decarbonising the Steel Industry: Actions for the Road to Sustainability

Sustainability is fast becoming an important concept for businesses across all industries to embrace. By definition, sustainability is all about achieving a balance between the environment, equity and economy. This is because sustainability assumes that resources are finite and must be used conservatively to ensure… Read More »Decarbonising the Steel Industry: Actions for the Road to Sustainability